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My name is Samuel Sugar I am a 26-year-old artist working, living, and learning in Winston-Salem, NC. I enjoy painting, hiking, playing with my dogs, lounging around the house, long walks on the beach, etc. Art has always been a form of therapy for me. Whether I need to shut my thoughts off and just paint or express some pent-up feelings that I've been holding on to painting is a way for me to do that. Big shoutout to my parents and my always-loving wife for their continuous support.

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My preferred medium is oil paint for the way I work, oil paint works best. I tend to work intuitively, allowing my creative mind to take over and put paint to the canvas making marks gesturally, and also some intentionally.  I do my best not to overthink anything, my process is to keep putting marks on the painting then I take a step back and see what happens. Once I have spent 15-20 mins on a piece I’ll take a step back, sometimes I see something and lean towards that direction whether it is a landscape, seascape or something more non objective. Sometimes I don’t see anything and I continue with the more fluid state of creation. I enjoy this process because I treat it as a form of meditation. It allows me to enter a state of “flow” where I am able to turn down my thoughts and be present in the moment.

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