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Self Expression through Painting

Throughout my life I have always have had trouble expressing myself and my emotions. I think that is one of the main reasons why I paint. It gives me that opportunity to express myself, without the use of words. I can say what I want to say or express how I feel very clearly with painting (at least to me). I have always struggled with the idea of who I am. I have always asked myself, "why am I here?" "why am I in this body?" I believe that painting is away for me to answer those questions. Even though the answer might always be abstract and obscure it is a way for me to sort things out or gain a new perspective on things. The fact of the matter is painting is a very useful tool for me in many ways. It helps relives stress, can cheer me up when I am feeling down, it brings focus to my not so focused brain. I feel very grateful for this hobby of painting it has brought me such joy and I am my paintings will bring joy to others as well.

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